SSO 集成解决方案 Keycloak

SSO 集成解决方案 Keycloak

  • 开源协议:Apache
  • 操作系统: Windows Linux OS X
  • 开发语言:Java
  • 收录时间:2016-08-05
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Keycloak 是一个为浏览器和 RESTful Web 服务提供 SSO 的集成。基于 OAuth 2.0 和 JSON Web Token(JWT) 规范。最开始是面向 JBoss 和 Wildfly 通讯,但已经计划为其他诸如 Tomcat、Jetty、Node.js、Rails、Grails 等环境提供解决方案。


  • SSO and Single Log Out for browser applications

  • Social Broker.  Enable Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter social login with no code required.

  • Optional User Registration

  • Password and TOTP support (via Google Authenticator).  Client cert auth coming soon.

  • Customizable themes for user facing pages

  • OAuth Bearer token auth for REST Services

  • Integrated Browser App to REST Service token propagation

  • OAuth 2.0 Grant requests

  • CORS Support

  • CORS Web Origin management and validation

  • Completely centrally managed user and role mapping metadata.  Minimal configuration at the application side

  • Admin Console for managing users, roles, role mappings, applications, user sessions, allowed CORS web origins, and OAuth clients.

  • Deployable as a WAR, appliance, or an Openshift  cloud service (SaaS).

  • Supports JBoss AS7, EAP 6.x, and Wildfly applications.   Plans to support Node.js, RAILS, GRAILS, and other non-Java applications.

  • Javascript/HTML 5 adapter for pure Javascript apps

  • Session management from admin console

  • Revocation policies

  • Password policies

  • OpenID Connect Support